The people behind Facilitor

Koen Reefman


Our department ensures Facilitor is intuitive and works as intended. Facilitor offers the opportunity to work fully customer-oriented and it's our challenge to give an appropriate answer to every question. You wont notice anything of us as long as we do our job properly, but we know how it is that so many people enjoy going to work.

Marcel Bourseau

Consultant / Project Manager

As consultant / project manager I've completed many projects among other with housing corporations, health care institutions and colleges. I'm closely involved in the development and deployment of the by-products Mareon and Facilitor CARE. For me the implementation of an energy monitor and connecting it to the building control system was a great challenge. I have been working for 20 years at Facilitor and still every day is a challenge to me.

Peter Koerhuis

Consultant / Project Manager

In my years as a consultant / project manager and presales consultant, I have worked from different perspectives with our product, my colleagues and our (potential) customers. In addition, certain themes always return. Short lines – between colleagues and customers, which we mainly see as a partner and not as a customer. Pragmatics - do what you say and do not make things harder than they are. Flexibility - the product and the people. Pride - in our product and our customers and therewith ourselves. What does a human want more?

Arthur Egberink

Consultant / Project Manager

In the dual role of project manager and consultant i've completed several implementations and change projects. In this role I've guided various PPP / DBFMO projects and implementations. Acting as a project manager and succesfully completing projects together was an interesting and challenging experience for me. I've experienced the positive customer response as a great compliment.

Jos Groot Lipman


Within Facilitor I work on the core functionality of the application. I also take care of the design and management of all hosted environments. I got to experience the whole growth of Facilitor. Once the question was 'how do you actually build a website, "these days we do at least three releases a year.

Because I've been there from the beginning, I've learned a lot: new techniques and solutions are by no means shunned. This means working for Facilitor is always challenging.

Matthijs Koetsier

Account Manager

What I like about my job is to deal with a wide variety of types of companies and organizations. Thinking with the customer to achieve a good result are aspects which makes my job fun and challenging. No "customer-supplier" relationship, but going for a partnership.

Pieter van Heijst

Sales Manager

I've started at Facilitor in 2010 as a Account Manager and since 2016 I am working as a Sales Manager. We simply make very good software, which is nice. There is no need for sales pitches with clients, but simply advising and explain how it works is enough. Together with the short lines, nice and satisfied customers and an informal culture of the company ensure it's very nice to work for Facilitor.

Peter Feij

Managing Director

The great part of Facilitor is we can make the work of people easier with amazing colleagues and excellent software. By removing the redundant activities, fake choices and practical support of works the acting to human insight remains. It can make the difference with things that do matter. The human dimension in the world seems lost sometimes, in our field we try to strengthen this. Facilitor is for people not for computers.

Suzan Wiegerinck


After working for many years as an (implementation) consultant in various sectors, I started working for Facilitor in 2015. A company that fits me like a glove. I'm working in a pleasant no-nonsense team where we target to find the right solutions for our customers, with the main objective to make their business more transparent and easier. And we're doing that with a good product which is very versatile and flexible. Meanwhile i've done many fun and interesting projects. I'm looking forward to all the nice things that i'm going to do for and with our customers!

Ruud Lipper

Support & Training

As part of support and training I have a lot of contact with our customers. This goes through various channels such as our ticket system, phone, email, chat or in house at our customers for training purposes. I find the personal contact with clients a tremendous value because i can answer specific questions directly to their situation.

Yustin Brand

Account Manager

The best part of my job is to work with and be involved in organizations and their business processes. A lot of these processes are the same, but the approach is different every time .

Interacting with people on an empathically and enthusiastic way is my way of working. No-nonsense and no smooth sales techniques, but a good and honest advice and doing what you actually say and promise.


The desire and the passion to have and use the best software and service in the market to help customers achieve maximum efficiency in their supporting processes. We do this in a continuous, iterative and personal way where new insights, customer needs and technical possibilities always lead to a next improvement.


Stay ahead with the best people, the best software, deployment of state-of-the-art technology and the meaningful use based on customer needs, our own vision and knowledge of processes. The goal is always to provide organizations to achieve maximum efficiency in their (supporting) processes.

The history of Facilitor


Facilitor was founded in 1988 and is active in the area of facility management, service management and building management since 1992.

Since then Facilitor became a full web-based Facility Management Information System, also known as FMIS. As a result, a complete platform of the application has been developed to support secundary processes.

Part of the European Aareon Group

From its headquarters in Mainz, Germany, the Aareon Group, Europe’s leading provider of systems and consulting services, helps property companies make efficient use of the advantages of digitalisation. International collaboration within the Group and the associated transfer of knowledge make it possible for us to continually improve our IT solutions and services.

Part of the German Aareal Bank

In its Structured Property Financing segment, Aareal Bank Group facilitates property projects for domestic and international clients on three continents. The Bank offers financings for commercial property – in particular, office buildings, hotel, retail, logistics and residential properties. The Bank’s particular strength lies in its success in combining local market expertise and sector-specific know-how.