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Improving FM Together, we streamline and optimize your business together, in an interactive way. We roll up our sleeves and go to work, together. An open and no-nonsense culture with short lines. If specific choices aren’t efficient or smart, expect an honest ‘no’. Through our experience we will always come up with alternatives.

Are you facing a new challenge in your organization?

We will think along with you how we can help you with this challenge using the possibilities FACILITOR offers you. The possiblities of the standard software and the configuration parameters offer more than you might expect.

We have regular contact with our customers about the use and possible improvements of FACILITOR. During our releases we consider these customer requirements so a continuous and iterative development of the standard software is realized.

During these dialogues we regularly encounter challenges of our customers to optimize processes e.g. automating and optimizing purchase, or improving accountability of your department or your suppliers, or billing your services like the rental of meeting rooms. Especially in the area of integration of organizations and suppliers we see a lot of developments that lead to a increased efficiency.

Together with you we will evaluate different options to realize your goals. If FACILITOR can add value to your challenge, we will discuss with you how we can realize this.

Implementation: Agile Project Management

Our main thought during implementation is 'to take care that the desired advantages of FACILITOR will be actually achieved'. This implies that the solution should fit with the desired procedures and delivers actual data. Interfacing with other systems is realized. The solution is accessible and is accepted by your organization, and future users of FACILITOR are properly trained.

Facilitor proved to be able to realize small and large projects successfully using this approach. Our consultants/project leaders have a lot of experience with implementations. They will discuss with you about the implementation plan and the progress during the project.


The concept of standard software and configuration parameters results in a high level of self-reliance of our customers when changes are needed. For new releases, you do not incur extra costs for customization. You will save on consulting fees during the years you use FACILITOR. It is our ambition to make ourselves superfluous after implementation for daily application management and maintenance.

Depending on your organization, you can choose the following options for application management: remote, support on demand or in your own hands.

It is good to realize that an organisation will change after implementation. This may have an effect on choices made and to review these choices. FACILITOR offers you standard the flexibility needed to adjust when needed.


Our Helpdesk is ready to assist you with your questions. Our Helpdesk staff are aware of your needs and organization, and have thorough knowledge of FACILITOR. They can help you quickly and effectively with your questions.

In additioin, our customers have 24/7 access to the Facilitor Logcentre for help and support about in using FACILITOR. This ensures that you always have insight in the queries or requests submitted and you will be kept informed of its progress.

The Facilitor Forum is the platform for organizations using Facilitor. At this Forum you will find the latest news regarding Facilitor, and every registered user can exchange ideas related to using FACILITOR.


Experience learns that thorough training of users delivers a good contribution to the desired use and realization of intended processes after implementation.

The training will be given in house and are focused on practical use, taking into account the system to be implemented within your organization.
On beforehand the training is tuned with you and we will take into account the size of the group, functions and the use of FACILITOR within your organization.

The trainers
The trainers are working closely with the consultant involved in the implementation and that is why they know the exact situation of your organization. They also know your FACILITOR environment and the way how FACILITOR is implemented and to be used. They are your first contact person for all your questions, not only during implementation and training, but also after implementation.

Within FACILITOR the tab I-learning (Help function) for all users. You will find instruction videos for the end user that enables him to get familiar with FACILITOR. Next to these I-learning videos explanation can be found for different type of users for most common actions. The help function contains step-by-step descriptions of these actions and detailed descriptions of different screens in FACILITOR.

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