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Why an FMIS / CAFM in your organisation?

Facility Management is, often without noticing it, an important spindle in the organisation. Nevertheless, it is a department that is operating splintered, the processes often are executed strongly fragmented, by units like Household Services, Technical Services, General Services, Internal Services, Purchasing Services, etc. This causes a lack of synergy between facility services and a facility organisation that is too much focussed internally as well. By doing so organisations do not benefit from scale size advantages. There is also a lack of information to manage the facility performance.

With a Facility Management Information System / Computer Aided Facility Management (FMIS/CAFM) employees have assigned facilities at their disposal immediately, like reservations, purchase orders, service calls, phone book etc. By doing so the distance between the internal customer and the facility department has been taken away resulting in a healthy commercial relationship between demand and offer. It fits in the current business climate that employees get full professional support by this.


Your advantages of an FMIS/CAFM in your organisation:

  • Streamlining of facility processes
  • Reliable management information
  • Professional facility service
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Cost reduction by scale size advantages


FACILITOR is a user friendly and intuitive FMIS/CAFM. Besides streamlining all facility processes FACILITOR offers several report functionalities on a standard basis. With our management information you are able to monitor and improve the facility performance of your organisation. FACILITOR is a modular built and completely web based FMIS/CAFM and is offered in two ways: the license structure, where FACILITOR software is installed in your own environment and the SaaS-structure (Software as a Service) which means you get the software as a service from the internet.


Your advantages of the SaaS-structure are:

  • No investments in software licenses
  • PC with browser is sufficient to be able to use the software
  • Low IT-maintenance costs
  • Always and everywhere accessible
  • Always the latest version of the software available
  • Very short implementation project

Within the SaaS-structure it is possible to establish your own look and feel and also to extend it module by module (so you only pay for the functionality you actually need).Many organisations understand the need of support by an FMIS/CAFM but they fear the financial implications of an implementation. Because of this we have developed a method in which we can implement FACILITOR in days/weeks instead of months. By doing so we take maximum care of your wishes and we give you the opportunity to realise a great level of self employment. This way you can keep the costs at a minimum and you get familiar with the information you need to optimize other facility processes.

We use import tools that support the registration of source data per module. These tools are pre-defined for each module with relevant solutions from which you can choose easily. Also all technical data is checked automatically for errors. By the use of parameters a standard product is configured according to the wishes of your organisation. There is a great possibility of self employment to make sure the implementation costs can be kept to a minimum.

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