Department of Public Works

Department of Public Works

The Public Works Department maintains the streets, water and wastewater utilities, parks and public buildings in the Netherlands.

The Department of Public Works manages the national road network (3,260 km), the waterway network (1,686 km) and the rural water system (65,250 km2). They are responsible for the smooth and safe flow of traffic, a safe, clean and user-oriented national water system and protect the Netherlands from flooding. In the areas mentioned the Department of Public Works develops the necessary knowledge and expertise and delivers reliable and useful information to the public.

The effective and efficient implementation of these tasks requires a decentralized organization. Ten regional department, 36 districts and three project administrations ensure that the department is in the middle of the society. Next to this there are five national centres to develop the knowledge necessary to execute the tasks of the Department of Public Works.

All supporting services have been transferred to the national Corporate Service and they chose FACILITOR as their national cafm in April 2008 after an European tender. Corporate Service has to contact centres for employees for their questions and requests: the Facility contact centre for facility affairs and the Customer contact centre for primary process activities, such as legal or financial affairs. Thanks to the web-based system and 3D authorisation of FACILITOR the whole facility environment of the Department of Public Works is now supported by one central system instead of different regional systems.


The implementation of FMIS was organized by a project team, attended by representatives of ‘the business’, management, ICT Services, Facilitor, the acceptance team, the facility organisation and the project leader. The project team has determined the details of the configuration.

Luchtfoto Rijkswaterstraat Utrecht

With the help of the FACILITOR test environment consequences of choices have been made visible and comprehensible, so there were hardly any surprises during the actual implementation. The complete implementation has been realize with configuration of the standard software, no customization was needed, even the functionality for the Customer Satisfaction Survey could be solved within the present functions.

A specific part of the implementation was the interface with the personnel system of the Department of Public Works. However that system is the source for employee data of an increasing number of ministries, FACILITOR was the first system to actually realize a two-way interface with this IDM.

The implementation of FACILITOR was realized in 3 phases. Phase 1 implied the replacement of existing systems with at least keeping functionality, but also implementing an uniform process and connecting all services, also those who did not use the CAFM before. In fase 2 and 3 the operating system was extended with extra functionalities.

Within the Department of Public Works approximately 1,000 key users and 11,000 frontends use FACILITOR. The go-live has been realized smoothly.

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