Houthoff Buruma

Houthoff Buruma

Houthoff Buruma is a long-established Netherlands based law firm with over 290 lawyers worldwide with offices in London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels and New York.


The reason to purchase a Facility Management Information System was the lack of structural management information needed to manage the facility organization as optimal as possible. Next to this, employees of the facility department asked for information that can be generated by a FMIS.

At the moment a lot of processes have not yet been automated and therefor it is difficult or even not possible to get information. The communication with the internal customer needed to be improved, e.g. about the progress of calls or reservations made. Overall it is the intention to realize the following advantages:


At Houthoff Buruma there are approximately 700 employees, working in five offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, New York and London. Houthoff Buruma prefers to work with SaaS (Software as a Service) if the security meets their security standards. Every employee, in every location, should have direct access to the facilities offered based on one product and service catalogue, from one database. But most of all the system must be user friendly and inviting to use.


The implementation of FACILITOR at Houthoff Buruma went very smoothly. Shortly after the input of the space data and the realization of the interface with the personnel system, the module Reservations was rolled out. The front and back offices were trained per location and informed about the new process supported by FACILITOR. The module Servicedesk was installed in a limited way to enable a larger group of users to get familiar with FACILITOR. After this the Servicedesk was installed and more and more being used easily.

In the meantime FACILITOR is being used since November 2007 and new activities have been added to the product and services catalogue with the final goal to support all facility and ICT activities with FACILITOR. The test environment has proven very useful to test new procedures when expanding.


After an implementation project of 2 months, a testing period of 4 weeks followed. The system exists of the modules Space and Workplace management, Reservations, Visitors Desk, Service Desk, Object Management and e-procurement. The implementation was offered fixed price and has been delivered to the satisfaction of both parties. FACILITOR is being used by 50 key users and 700 frontend users and is secured with HTTPS and has an advanced Single Sign On protocol.

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