MN is one of the largest pension administrators and asset managers in the Netherlands. MN enjoys the confidence of a large number of pension funds. For nearly 2 million Dutch they provide an understandable and payable pension. MN is located in The Hague, Amsterdam and London.


End 2014 MN decided to implement the fmis (facility management information system) FACILITOR, primary meant to realize an efficient and effective reservation system and the facilities needed for the locations in The Hague and Amsterdam.


MN has approximately 3.500 employees, plus other building occupants and users of the system. Initially MN started with 14 key users and 1.600 frontend users getting access to the selfservice portal. Frontend users are permanent and temporary employees, external employees and employees of suppliers and customers of MN.

In order to ensure optimal use of the system it is important that the system is designed user friendly and inviting, in the corporate identity of MN. The availability of the meeting rooms is shown using the graphical planning board. The Mobile module will be put into service shortly to further increase ease of use.

Interfaces have been made with AD for the exchange of personal data and with Sentido for the exchange of reservation data.

In consultation with the IT department of MN it was decided to choose SaaS, the cloud solution. Important factor was to meet the MN security standards. This turned out to be a non-issue with the offered SaaS solution and this led to less dependence on the IT department of MN during implementation.

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The implementation went on time and well within budget. In mid-December 2014 we started with the kick-off and MN went live on March 2, 2015, thanks to the commitment of the MN project team and a good interaction between MN and Facilitor. Short communication lines on both sides, the effort made by MN team members made it possible for the Facilitor consultant to work remotely most of the time. MN has transferred almost 5,000 reservations and catering is also organized in FACILITOR. The information that Facilitor had given during the preliminary phase turned out to be according reality during implementation.

Mr. A. van ‘t Klooster, Facility Manager MN: “From the first presentation there was a feeling that FACILITOR has a fit with us. The next phase, the good cooperation, acceptance of the system and the follow-up has confirmed that feeling. “

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