RAI Amsterdam

RAI Amsterdam

Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre facilitates every year more than 50 international congresses, 70 trade fairs, events and over 1,000 small congresses, presentations and meetings with over 1.5 million visitors per year.

At Amsterdam RAI a quiet revolution took place in the past year. In a short time, the grip on what was happening during the events improved considerably, in a suprising manner. How cafm FACILITOR transcended the traditional use and now plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction and hospitality. Van Nierop: “Amsterdam RAI has to pay attention to three customer groups: the organizer, the exhibitors and the visitors. The organizer has increasing needs and wants to be well informed. This applies to many areas ranging from cleaning toilets to temperature in the halls.”

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Dashboard and real-time monitoring

During the evaluation of a very large event in the RAI it was once more noticed that certain facility affairs needed to be known at an earlier stage at the different internal departments. Moreover, this organizer wanted to agree with us on a number of specific KPIs. We started to think constructively about it. We told each other: now let us consider with our strategy in mind if we can do something with this information. So we came up with the idea of developing dashboards.”

“Facilitor crossed not coincidentally our path in our quest. The facilities department of the RAI had already chosen FACILITOR as a facility service system at the beginning of the year. Even before the system was implemented, several other departments within Amsterdam RAI knocked on our door and asked what FACILITOR could do for them. After a meeting with a Facilitor consultant it turned out that the system offered possibilities for dashboards and real-time monitoring, and we realized: This is it!”

KPI’s determined

“We already got a picture of what we wanted to measure, the KPI’s, But we had to take care of it that we could provide our customer his information real-time from us, instead of the other way around. We believed that this system of dashboards would be a good solution. We held further discussions with the consultant and saw all kind of solutions that we could implement immediately. We defined four KPI’s that we wanted to measure and monitor and I have to say that we are extremely enthusiastic about the results!”

Not a control system, but customer experience

“Now we know proactively exactly what’s going on at the RAI. In the beginning there was some fear it would be used as a control system. We had to spend quite a lot of time to convince people. This system is not meant to control people and to notice mistakes, it is a communicator with the customer to realize improvement processes for the services we have to arrange for the customer!”

A good example, according to Van Nierop, is the toilet cleaning: “We have a lot to do with visitor flows that can be different every time. We cannot say you send somebody once an hour to the toilets to keep them clean properly. It is possible that a toilet group is not used for a whole day, but it can be used intensively within 10 minutes several times a day. The toilets were checked with mobile inspections throughout the whole day, and the dashboards gave real-time centrally insight in the quality.”

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Complaint or malfunction?

Another KPI dealt with the complaint handling at the service desks. “All complaints are entered into FACILITOR at the service desks. We want to be accurate and first we check if the complaint is really a malfunction or something that is not ordered yet. We must be able to qualify, analyse and interpret well. Now we get information that was not available in the past. We can retrieve the right reports and discuss, and ask the justified question: what are we going to do about it?” And furthermore the progress of the complaint process is monitored real-time as well.

Next steps

“At Amsterdam RAI we are very satisfied with all the solutions FACILITOR offers us. Management has stated they want to continue the chosen path and at the same time operations is incredibly happy with the solution. They are only asking met: When will we expand?”

For these expansions we consider the total provision of services. “For example we think about improved facilitating our customers during overflow, e.g. for parking, send customers at an early stage to other parking lots, or by calling a taxi company on time to order 100 taxis when a congress is running out. After service when handling complaints, did we do well? Is the building clean, is it safe? At international fairs this is really important, one of the first questions of Americans is: how is your security taken care off?”

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