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De Alliantie is a housing corporation with houses in the northern and western part of the Netherlands. With almost 60.000 houses De Alliantie is one of the largest housing corporations in the Netherlands.


The purchase of FACILITOR was initially focused on e-procurement. De Alliantie has made an inventarisation of their e-procurement wishes, forming the guideline for further centralisation, optimization and professionalization of facility purchase. Van Kuijk: ‘Employees are able to purchase in our webshops that are interfaced with our suppliers.”

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Van Kuijk: “The most important reason to work with a cafm is that we want to be 24/7 available for our internal customer and our wish to increase the quality of our service. Everything – ordering, reservations and calls – are dealt with through one channel. Next to this synoptic management reports are important to steer in time and being able to report afterwards.”

Early 2015 we decided to implement FACILITOR to the full extent as a fmis (facility management information system), such as making calls and reservations. This enables our employees to organize all their facility affairs in one system. This gives them overview and processes can be further optimized. Next to this more and better management information will become available.

Van Kuijk: “The most important argument to choose for FACILITOR is that this application offers possibilities for mobile use and it is a very userfriendly system, not only for the end user, but also for application managers.


At De Alliantie work approximately 700 employees with FACILITOR, and there are 10 key users. The users can place orders themselves with selfservice from a internet portal. The module Analyzer offers extra possibilites for reporting for example KPI’s.


Facilitor’s method for implementation is agile. Key words of this method are flexibility, interactive cooperation, communication and team spirit. Deliveries can take place gradually, e.g. per module, and there is space for change and new insights. This approach proved to be successful at small and large projects. Facilitor and De Alliantie discussed together the implementation plan and the progress.

Van Kuijk: “The implementation goes smoothly and quickly. Good support/advice is given during the setup of the system. A big plus of Facilitor is the flexibility when adjustments are needed for the setup of the system.”

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Next steps

Asking what extra value can be added by FACILITOR in the supply chain optimization, Van Kuijk answers: “In the future it will be easier to make calls directly at the supplier, and this will enable them to solve calls easier according to the on beforehand agreed SLA.”

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