UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) is an autonomous administrative authority (ZBO) and is commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) to implement employee insurances and provide labour market and data services.

''FACILITOR is fullly web-based and can therefor guarantee the nessecary scalability for our 20.000 users''

UWV is the benefit agency of social insurance in the Netherlands and has about 20.000 employees. The core tasks of UWV are providing benefits to unemployed and disabled workers and guiding them to paid work. To finance these taks, UWV collect premiums from all employers in the Netherlands.

The organisation has three divisions: Fitness for work, Unemployment law and the division Employers. The division Fitness for work takes care of the benefits to disabled employees, the division Unemployment law to unemployed people and the division Employers takes care of the collection of premiums. Together the divisions are the core of the primary process. The divisions are supported by several staff departments such as ICT, Facility and Purchasing and Legal Affairs. Marc van der Hijden was responsible for the implementation of FMIS FACILITOR.


In 2004 UWV had a network of offices with 145 locations across the country. UWV aimed to have only 17 regional locations, one head office and 10 front office locations. The department Facility and Purchasing (F&P) wanted to improve the control of all facility and procurement processes. For that reason, there are 18 facilities services locations established. F&P wanted to support these service points, have an overview on processes and progress, and to obtain information for facility managers. Therefor they wanted to have a central facility management information system. After a selection process UWV chose FACILITOR.

A precondition was an interface between the FMIS and the other standard software. Being able to work from one central database where uniform basic data is registered was another standard condition for the configuration. These conditions require a fully webbased version of the system, accessible from all locations with acceptable response times. FACILITOR could meet these requirements.


Within UWV there are 18 national servoice points Facility & Purchasing. In principele these service point can be approached by all (approx. 20,000) employees of UWV for complaints, requests, information requests and failures regarding facility and housing issues. The service points register and settle calls made. Furthermore the service point make reservations for meeting rooms, associated facilities and parking places. They also register visitors. All facility orders are purchased using the module e-Procurement. Both catalogue as well as the punch-out method are used. The service points deliver management information for different target groups.

User friendliness and authorisation is important

The FMIS should be accessible via intranet by many users at several locations from many offices; e.g. to check out activities. For that reason authorisation demands specific attention. Next to this the FMIS should be very user friendly. Employees with little or moderate knowledge of computers should be able to work with the application, or at least acquire necessary skills through training and instruction at a level consistent with the level of the employees. Experience shows that an adequate user training, showing the users the benefits that the FMIS will offer them, makes a good contribution to the necessary process discipline in the production phase.

All trainings have been given on location and were focussed on the practice and processes of UWV. For the 20.000 frontend users the train-the-trainer principle was used. At every location some key-users have been chosen who guide and instruct the frontend users. Instruction sheets with step by step explanation how to use the application was available. This way we trained thousands of users.

Actuel situation

FACILITOR is used at every UWV location for Reservations, Servicedesk/Cals, Central Housing, Visitors registration, Contract Management, Cleaning, Energy Management, FACILITOR Graphics, Object Management, e-Procurement, Rehousing and FACILITOR CAD. In 2015 a system is implemented to manage all visitor flows.

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